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Passive Multifamily
Real Estate Investing

What We Do

We give busy, hard-working professionals who don't have the time or maybe the expertise access to passively invest alongside us in our multifamily real estate projects. Giving investors a predictable way to generate cash flow, outpace inflation, be the beneficiary of appreciation and tax advantages, and preserve their hard-earned dollars.


How We Doubled The Value of This 69 Unit Multifamily Property in Less Than 15 Months

Assets Under Management: $150 Million

Total Units: 1070

Meritage Apartments

Houston, TX

240 Units

Built in 2008

Highland Apartments

Houston, TX

216 Units

Built in 1994

Beckley Apartments

Houston, TX

210 Units

Built in 1999

Aspire Apartments Funded

Aspire Apartments

San Antonio, TX

335 Units

Built in 1986

Mill Gardens Apartments

Warner Robins, GA

69 Units

Built in 1969

Invest Alongside Us

Invest Alongside Us

Willowdale Equity is a private real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring Class B & C value-add multifamily assets across the southern United States.

Passive Income

Passive Income

Receive consistent fixed returns to your bank account every month/quarter without all of the headaches.

Strong Returns

Reap the benefits of assets bought and managed the right way and enjoy cash on cash returns from 7% plus per year.

Tax Advantages

You will have direct ownership in the LLC, which passes down all the tax advantages to you, the investor.

Experienced Operators

We manage all owned assets alongside some of the most experienced property mangers.

Multifamily real estate is the vehicle of choice for recession-resilient wealth-building.

How Our Investors Build Wealth

newly renovated multifamily property

Not everyone has the time, connections, and applied expertise to actively manage a large real estate portfolio and cater to all its growing needs.

However, you can still get exposure to cash-flowing passive real estate investing without having to be the landlord in an active role. Real estate syndications are a great option for passive investors that want to put their money in deals with experienced operators and managers who have experience in executing on these types of projects. Real estate syndications are an easy way for you to invest as a limited partner (LP), alongside other accredited investors or institutions like private equity firms. You’ll be able to participate in these exclusive multifamily investment opportunities while only committing a fraction of the total capital that is required for a deal.

  • Cash flow

    Each month, rent is collected from tenants minus the operating expenses incurred, which gives us the Net Operating Income (NOI). The only expenses not included in the NOI is the cost to service the debt. When you subtract this number from the NOI, you get the total cash flow available for distribution, which we both share in.
  • Forced Appreciation & Market Appreciation

    The value of multifamily properties are based on the Net Operating Income (NOI), not nearby property comparables. When you increase the NOI, you increase the value of the property. We achieve this by “Forced Appreciation”, buying properties where we can add value, bring the current rents up to market rents, adding other income drivers, leaning out the operating expenses and much more. Market appreciation is achieved through buying in the right cycle of the market, and the value of the building increases based off of the market and economic drivers. Both forms of appreciation increase the building’s value and build more equity, which we would both share in.
  • Amortization

    The principal pay down of debt on the property from the NOI increases the equity to multi family private equity investors. We then share in the equity on the refinance of the property and when we sell it. The potential exit strategies will have been highlighted before we even purchase the deal.
  • Depreciation

    Having actual ownership in the LLC of the property we purchase allows for you, the investor to partake in all the tax benefits of owning commercial real estate. Some of those advantages include the ability to utilize “paper losses” through depreciation, and cost segregation, as well as tax-free cash out refinances.

The Hands-off Multifamily Investing Process

The Hands-off Multifamily Investing Process
Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out some basic information on our form which will get you access to your private investment portal and allow you to dive into our educational resources.

Step 2: Schedule A Call

Set up a brief introductory call with our team so we can learn more about your investing goals, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Start Investing

Once we have a new multifamily deal, we'll share this exclusive investment opportunity with you. If you elect to invest, we'll walk you through the whole funding process.

Step 4: Collect Returns & Start Building Wealth

Start collecting cash distributions every month/quarter while receiving ongoing reporting and updates.

Together we get cash flow, appreciation, amortization and depreciation.

Common Questions

Get the answers to all the questions you have by clicking the questions below. For more Frequently Asked Questions, visit our FAQ page.

A real estate syndication is an efficient way for investors to pool their money together to purchase larger real estate assets that they typically couldn’t manage or afford to purchase as an individual investor. Generally, by leveraging and raising additional funds from outside investors to purchase it, we force appreciation and then actively manage the asset.

Typically 25%-30% of the funds are pooled together from the syndicator and the passive investors, and the other 70%-75% of the funds come from the lender/bank.

There are many parties involved in a syndication, including, but not limited to, CPAs, lenders, real estate brokers, attorneys, property managers, passive investors (you) and the syndicator who puts the whole deal together and manages the asset (Willowdale Equity).

We are a multifamily real estate syndicator. We find and vet cash-flowing multifamily real estate properties, raise additional funds from outside investors to purchase it, then force appreciation and actively manage the asset.

This varies based on the deal, but whenever there is an update, we will effectively communicate through email or phone. Additionally, we are available for communication Monday through Saturday!

An accredited investor is an individual who meets the guidelines and requirements of income and net worth based on securities and exchange commissions (SEC) regulations. This is so that the SEC can ensure proper protection for all investors.
To be an accredited investor, you must satisfy at least one of the following:
1. Have an annual income of $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for each of the last two years, with expectations of earning the same or higher income this year.
2. Have a net worth exceeding $1 million, not counting your primary home.

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The Willowdale Equity Investment Club is a private group of investors that are looking to passively grow their capital and share in all the tax benefits through multifamily real estate investments.

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