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About Willowdale Equity

Willowdale Equity is a private real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring Class B & C value-add multifamily assets across the southern United States.

We give busy, hard-working professionals who don’t have the time or maybe the expertise access to passively invest alongside us in our multifamily real estate projects. Giving investors a predictable way to generate cash flow, outpace inflation, be the beneficiary of appreciation and tax advantages, and preserve their hard-earned dollars.

Join us on our mission, and let’s build passive income together, today.

Assets Under Management: $150 Million

Total Units: 1070

Meritage Apartments

Houston, TX

240 Units

Built in 2008

Highland Apartments

Houston, TX

216 Units

Built in 1994

Beckley Apartments

Houston, TX

210 Units

Built in 1999

Aspire Apartments Funded

Aspire Apartments

San Antonio, TX

335 Units

Built in 1986

Mill Gardens Apartments

Warner Robins, GA

69 Units

Built in 1969

The Founders

Dan Willowdale Team

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Daniel is an entrepreneur with various ventures in the solar and marketing agency verticals before venturing off into flipping homes across Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Daniel has been a sponsor in acquiring over $150M worth of multifamily assets across Georgia and Texas. He focuses mainly on the asset management and investor relationship side of the business. He oversees all strategic planning, operations, and the execution of Willowdale Equity’s business plans.


Marco Willowdale Team

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Marco has an entrepreneurial background from the restaurant business before becoming a licensed realtor, followed by fixing and flipping 30+ plus homes across 4 states. Marco has now sponsored multifamily assets totaling more than $150M in Georgia and Texas. He oversees the acquisition and debt side of the business, which includes dealing with the likes of debt and mortgage brokers. 


Our Core Values



We approach every action in this business with the highest standard of accountability and transparency.

Whatever It Takes Mentality

We embrace challenges with confidence and thrive in the midst of adversity. We persevere, actively advancing and demonstrating a willingness to engage in hands-on efforts when required.

Eternal Optimization

We are not satisfied with complacency. We strive to interate and optimize everything from our processes to our mindset to ensure continued performance.

First Class Experience

Our investors expect the highest standard of reporting, communication, transparency, and performance and we deliver.

A Message From The Founders

We live and breathe this business and truly enjoy the process. Our main focus is to find, analyze, and purchase high cash-flowing multifamily real estate properties in appreciating markets across the Southeastern United States, with the objective of providing a tax-advantaged, healthy return to our investors. We believe the opportunity lies within underperforming assets and before we entertain acquiring an asset, it’s our job to determine and understand why an asset underperformed.

We always ask ourselves how we can provide tenants with a better experience and sense of community? Can we optimize expenses? Can the submarket/tenants afford the higher rents once we make the necessary improvements? Can we put in place the right management to execute our vision?

Also, what’s sometimes overlooked is how optimizing the digital reputation of the asset will positively affect occupancy levels. Tenants start their search for an apartment online, so we as asset managers have to ensure that prospective tenants are seeing what we want them to see about the property. Most prospective tenants have made their minds up before they even tour the property!

Our passion lies in providing a better resident experience which translates into providing a healthy return to our investors. We are honored that you’re considering Willowdale Equity and we hope you join us on our journey.

"Investing in private multifamily real estate presents an unparalleled opportunity for robust returns and sustained growth, fueled by the resilience of the housing market, steady cash flow from rental income, and the potential for value enhancement through strategic management and improvements."
Dan Willowdale Team
Daniel Di Cerbo
"We aspire to create a superior financial system for individual investors—something that's straightforward, dependable, cost-effective, and transparent."
Marco Willowdale Team
Marco Canonaco

The Hands-off Multifamily Investing Process

The Hands-off Multifamily Investing Process
Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out some basic information on our form which will get you access to your private investment portal and allow you to dive into our educational resources.

Step 2: Schedule A Call

Set up a brief introductory call with our team so we can learn more about your investing goals, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Start Investing

Once we have a new multifamily deal, we'll share this exclusive investment opportunity with you. If you elect to invest, we'll walk you through the whole funding process.

Step 4: Collect Returns & Start Building Wealth

Start collecting cash distributions every month/quarter while receiving ongoing reporting and updates.