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Private Real Estate Investing

Check out all of our educational articles that dive into various topics about private real estate investing.

Real Estate Syndication Structure

Real Estate Syndication Structure: (EXPLAINED)

The real estate syndication structure is how cash flow distributions and profits are shared between general and limited partners. Some structures are much cleaner, and others are more complex, with varying changes in profit slits based on performance hurdles being met.

Real Estate Syndication

Real Estate Syndication: The Passive Investors Guide

Real estate syndications are among the best investment vehicles for busy, hard-working professionals. Investing in a syndicated deal provides the luxury to investors of not having to deal with all the 2 am calls to fix the toilets, the day-to-day operation, and all the other headaches that come with large-scale rental real estate.

Multifamily Syndication

Multifamily Syndication in 2023

Multifamily has proven to be one of the most insulated and resilient asset classes over the past decades. Offering a great real estate investment vehicle and the opportunity for outside investors to share in all the benefits of this asset class while being in a completely passive role.