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The Willowdale Equity Team

Let’s build passive income together, today.

Daniele Di Cerbo


Marco Canonaco


A Message From The Founders

We live and breathe this business and truly enjoy the process. Our main focus is to find, analyze, and purchase high cash-flowing multi-family real estate properties in appreciating markets across the Southeastern United States, with the objective of providing a tax-advantaged, healthy return to our investors.

We believe the opportunity lies within underperforming assets and before we entertain acquiring an asset, it’s our job to determine and understand why an asset underperformed.

We always ask ourselves how we can provide tenants with a better experience and sense of community? Can we optimize expenses? Can the submarket/tenants afford the higher rents once we make the necessary improvements? Can we put in place the right management to execute our vision?

Also, what’s sometimes overlooked is how optimizing the digital reputation of the asset will positively affect occupancy levels. Tenants start their search for an apartment online, so we as asset managers have to ensure that prospective tenants are seeing what we want them to see about the property. Most prospective tenants have made their minds up before they even tour the property!

Our passion lies in providing a better resident experience which translates into providing a healthy return to our investors. We are honored that you’re considering Willowdale Equity and we hope you join us on our journey.